Intangible Cats

Ken "Taco" Walker - Denise Forehand - Ken McNeill - Rick Lutz - George Gaydos

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Years active:



1970's -  Present

Rock, Alternative, Classic Rock Variety


Virginia Beach, VA

The Intangible Cats:

Ken MeNeill:  Drums; Vocals                   Ken "Taco"  Walker: Electric Guitar; Vocals
Rick Lutz: Keyboards; Vocals                  George Gaydos: Bass; Vocals
Denise Forehand: Vocals; Light Percussion

Band Members and Biographies

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Playing Songs By:

Steely Dan,  Fleetwood Mac,  Matchbox 20,  ARS,  Stray Cats,  Joe Cocker,  Bruce Hornsby,  Genesis,  Queen,  The Pretenders,  Jethro Tull,  Doobie  Brothers,  Billy Joel,  Wallflowers, Bonnie Raitt,  Spin Doctors,  James Taylor...and many others...!